Arlex Oil Based Fragrances

If you love fragrances then you will definitely love these oil based fragrances collection for both male and female.

Top quality fragrances for affordable prices. Unique smells for every personality, feel alive with a good scent.

Arlex oil based fragrancesArlex bottles are a generic of over 70 world famous oil based fragrances. Hurry now while stock last.

Insurance Plans

One is always scared to sign up for an insurance policy. Its just natural because the fear of loss is always greater than the fear of gain.  Outsurance is an insurance company that gets to know you first before a quote is tailored to your needs.

I Just wanted to inform you about this great insurance offer from Outsurance. Outsurance is an insurance alternative of note, offering the best, most comprehensive, all-inclusive insurance packages. Outsurance won numerous awards for fast and fair claims settlement, service excellence, and have been voted top short-term insurance brand in South Africa (five times already!).

Outsurance through their sophisticated call centre, clients do not need to go through a middle man, which means no insurance broker fees or commission charges. Short-term insurance clients pay a fixed excess amount irrespective of the value of their claim, and their premiums are fixed for a full twelve months.  Take a look and you will definitely like what you see.


Prevention is better than Cure

Its always good to be covered. Plusbiz got good news for you,an insurance company that gives you great value for your money. Read more >>>

Online Classified ads

Hi guys,

Have you ever tried to test you marketing skills. Can you sell anything to anyone. With the advert of online classified ads anyone can sell just anything with the right content and medium. Thats why i want everyone to try using classified websites to get in touch with their customers and potential customers.

In South Africa there are lots of free classified ads like Plusbiz classified.. Plusbiz  classifieds is a new free classifieds website in South Africa. You can list your company, post ads, buy or sell goods and services with Plusbiz. Have you listed your comapany with Plusbiz? Why wait, its free and you can post all your ads for free too. Visit http://www.plusbiz.co.za/ now and register.

Advertising can be costly especially to small and start up businesses. So i recommend the best form for you will be using classifieds. Some Classified website also do increase your SEO optimisation. Every website will want to have a good search engine ranking. Classifieds is the way to go.

4 steps to follow when creating your internet marketing strategy.


2 Essential elements for your internet marketing campaign

Your Website:  You must have a web site and it must be well optimised for search engines to crawl. The website is your online office where you can control and customers can find what they need.  Your website is the final destination of all your online campaign. Unlike your other social networks, email newsletters and advertising campaigns your website is static. Being a reference point to your staff, business partners, customers your website is the sole part of your web that is devoted to your brand and marketing message.

Web analytics:  For an internet marketing campaign to succeed you must track, analyse and report these data and information. There are so many web analytics tools to used for example Google analytics  and Woopra. Web analytics helps you monitor your users and visitors. With analytics you can optimise your website by changing content or call to actions after viewing the statistics on your user/ visitors behaviour. You can also formulate a sales and marketing campaign from reports on the data in the web analytics. With web analytics you monitor future trend and monitor your competitors. You can use web analytics to calculate your online marketing profit contribution. Some web analytics tool like Woopra can help you see real time data of visitors and also help you keep up to date with social media activity.

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