4 steps to follow when creating your internet marketing strategy.

There is an old adage that goes failing to plan means planning to fail.

Planning: You must clearly define your objectives, what do you want to achieve in your internet campaign, how you want to achieve it, with what budget at a giving period of time. Think also of the potential risk that could affect your campaign like negative PR of your brand online. Create a realistic schedule and timeline for your each part of your campaign. Build a team that will help you with the campaign from your staff to freelancers. Then you go to work.

Resources: These are the basic tools that you will use for your internet campaign. You must keep the campaign manageable because you can always add more elements later rather than have too many stagnated which is not good for your brand. Your website and web analytics are the essentials to have. Email newsletter and online advertising are also very vital for your campaign. A blog, social networking and mobile marketing are some elements you could add to expand when your campaign is up and running. You must choose your platform correctly for example paid against free advertising.

Analysing:  Once you have your basic elements in place, you have to start updating, maintaining, adapting and analysing your strategy.  The web is always changing so you have to  constantly react to the online trends, opinions, customer comments and media exposure in order for you brand to be relevant. Some aspects of your campaign like the social networking will need to be updated frequently than others like your website. You have to monitor and analyse all your platforms. Keeping up to date is good but knowing what to change to make your online marketing more effective is best.

Expanding:  After the launch of your campaign your website is running smoothly, your email newsletter is well mastered you are ready to add a new element.  A thriving internet marketing campaign with a large audience will be easy adding a new element like social networking to it. Ensure that the new venture has been well researched and should fit into your brand image and interesting to your target audience. You have to integrate your internet marketing campaign with your offline line marketing. Online and offline marketing can really complement each other.



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