My least favourite teacher

My Mathematics teacher was my least favourite teacher in secondary school. She was always jovial. She was slow to act and had a weird sense of humour. She will always praise her best pupils in class.  She will tell her best students to sit in the front desks and those least interested in Maths to sit at the back.

What i admired most with her pedagogy technique is she never hesitates to correct her pupils when they are wrong. Her favourite quotation was ‘ had i known comes last‘. Funny right? I only got to understand the meaning of this quote only later in secondary school when i failed the final year Maths exam. Indeed it made me admire her most for her wits when i finally passed Maths later in the University.

Marketing also entails that you know Maths because you will use it for your market research, consumers’ analysis, competitor analysis, and all data analyses and also when gathering statistics for your business. You will need these analytical skills in your internet marketing user data analysis to project and refine your strategy.

So Maths is good, study hard and you will like Maths. Don’t wait till you say ‘had i known’ at the end of the school year. Good luck to all.