Insurance Plans

One is always scared to sign up for an insurance policy. Its just natural because the fear of loss is always greater than the fear of gain.  Outsurance is an insurance company that gets to know you first before a quote is tailored to your needs.

I Just wanted to inform you about this great insurance offer from Outsurance. Outsurance is an insurance alternative of note, offering the best, most comprehensive, all-inclusive insurance packages. Outsurance won numerous awards for fast and fair claims settlement, service excellence, and have been voted top short-term insurance brand in South Africa (five times already!).

Outsurance through their sophisticated call centre, clients do not need to go through a middle man, which means no insurance broker fees or commission charges. Short-term insurance clients pay a fixed excess amount irrespective of the value of their claim, and their premiums are fixed for a full twelve months.  Take a look and you will definitely like what you see.



Prevention is better than Cure

Its always good to be covered. Plusbiz got good news for you,an insurance company that gives you great value for your money. Read more >>>