Online Classified ads

Hi guys,

Have you ever tried to test you marketing skills. Can you sell anything to anyone. With the advert of online classified ads anyone can sell just anything with the right content and medium. Thats why i want everyone to try using classified websites to get in touch with their customers and potential customers.

In South Africa there are lots of free classified ads like Plusbiz classified.. Plusbiz  classifieds is a new free classifieds website in South Africa. You can list your company, post ads, buy or sell goods and services with Plusbiz. Have you listed your comapany with Plusbiz? Why wait, its free and you can post all your ads for free too. Visit now and register.

Advertising can be costly especially to small and start up businesses. So i recommend the best form for you will be using classifieds. Some Classified website also do increase your SEO optimisation. Every website will want to have a good search engine ranking. Classifieds is the way to go.


3 tools to drive traffic to your website

Search Engine Optimisation – SEO will drive traffic to your website. Both paid and natural advertising will bring traffic to your website.

Online Advertising – will drive interested and potential customers to your website both paid and free.  Examples of paid platforms include Google Adwords

Facebook Adverts

or Yahoo

Social Media – Through social networks customers are constantly and subtly being reminder of your marketing message due to the community it builds who refer back to or are located on your website. Some of these include social networks, forums, blogs and Aggregators, social sharing, converging media and collaborative creations like Wikis

4 steps of a holistic internet marketing Campaign

Attraction what you have to do to attract visitors to your website. In order to drive traffic to your website you must advertise online. Pay per click (PPC) in particular will drive interested visitors to your website. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will also generate traffic to your website. Viral Marketing is another tool that will drive a large number of new visitors to your site.

Retention How to keep these visitors on your site and how to make them return. With a good web copywriting and a good user experience and user interface you can keep customers on you page and even make them return for more. Your email newsletter will also make customers to repeatedly visit your website. A blog will also keep visitors on your website and cause them to revisit your website.

Conversion or purchase how to get these users to respond to all your call to action and to eventually buy your product/services.  A good web copywriting and blogging will convert potential leads to potential customers. Also a good web design will also increase conversion rate due to the good user experience it creates.

MeasurementHow to record, keep track, and analyse these users’ activities in order to improve on your website. With web analytics you can track and analyse user data so as to better project for the future and improve on your product/services