2 Essential elements for your internet marketing campaign

Your Website:  You must have a web site and it must be well optimised for search engines to crawl. The website is your online office where you can control and customers can find what they need.  Your website is the final destination of all your online campaign. Unlike your other social networks, email newsletters and advertising campaigns your website is static. Being a reference point to your staff, business partners, customers your website is the sole part of your web that is devoted to your brand and marketing message.

Web analytics:  For an internet marketing campaign to succeed you must track, analyse and report these data and information. There are so many web analytics tools to used for example Google analytics  and Woopra. Web analytics helps you monitor your users and visitors. With analytics you can optimise your website by changing content or call to actions after viewing the statistics on your user/ visitors behaviour. You can also formulate a sales and marketing campaign from reports on the data in the web analytics. With web analytics you monitor future trend and monitor your competitors. You can use web analytics to calculate your online marketing profit contribution. Some web analytics tool like Woopra can help you see real time data of visitors and also help you keep up to date with social media activity.